Yesterday on my way home from work, Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” came on the radio.  The first line “You think I’m pretty without any make-up on” made me think about “the guy” (as I will be referring to him).  He has yet to see me in makeup, yet he still seems so strongly attracted to me.   I typically don’t hang out with guys like that without putting makeup on!  He’s pretty much only seen me looking less than glamorous, yet that doesn’t seem to phase him.

And I am living my teenage dream right now.  When I was a teenager, I would have killed to spend even five minutes with this guy!  A single conversation would have made my day!  And now we’re like, seeing eachother.  I don’t know what to call it, I don’t want to label it yet.  It’s only been two weeks (although I thought it had been at least 3 until I looked at my calendar) and I don’t wanna call it something it isn’t.  But we’re definitely spending a lot of time together, and we at least text every single day.

I know like, texting isn’t such a huge deal, unless you’re 14.  But I don’t think he’s really the “phone conversation” type, and it really is pointless and awkward to be on the phone with somebody when you really have nothing to say other than “Hi how was your day.”  You can have “awkward silences” when you’re texting, but it’s super awkward to have those on the phone, where you’re just sitting there with nothing to say wondering why you called or they called in the first place, and then you both feel stupid, so you get off the phone, and then that stupid feeling just lingers.  So then you want to call the person back or send them a text after, to “erase” the stupid feeling, but then you feel dumb for doing that since you just got off the phone with them.   So yeah, I’d rather recieve a daily text than a daily call.  A text conversation never really has to “end” anyway, not like a phone conversation does.  And I’m happy just to know that he thinks about me long enough on a daily basis to even take a few moments to send me a text.

He introduced me to his parents and his sister!!!  What does that mean???  Typically these things don’t happen until later on, when you’re serious about the person, and already in an established relationship.  And that certainly doesn’t happen until well after 2 weeks.

But, my last “serious” boyfriend and I became “official” after only 2 weeks.  It was actually really cute how that happened… I received a text from him at like 2am saying we needed to talk.  I immediately thought that can’t be good!  So when I called him the following day on my lunch break to ask him what he wanted to talk about, what could have been so important at 2am, I certainly didn’t expect him to ask, “what are we to eachother?”  And that’s pretty much when he told me he wanted me to be his girlfriend and so I was for the following months until he woke up one day with his panties in a bunch and dumped me out of the blue (pretty sure there was another woman).   But I still don’t think I met his mom until a couple weeks later.  And then it was like, more “formal” than going to hang out on a boat on a lake.

Actually it was a super dick move on his part.  He told me he had invited his mom and grandma out for dinner with us.   It wasn’t until the day of that he told me he had informed him that I had offered to pay for dinner.  I certainly did not offer to pay for everyone’s meal!  So even though he kind of reimbursed me by paying for something else later on that we would have typically split the cost of, it was super dick of him to just throw that on me the day of.  What a dick.  And then this dude had the audacity to text me a few weeks ago out of nowhere, after I hadn’t even spoken to him for a year and had erased his number, to try to hang out with me and then tell me the day that we were supposed to hang out that he couldn’t because the only reason he wanted to hang out was to try to get back together with me but that he was going through some shit and it would be unfair for him to try to pursue me at that time… So basically dumping me again before I even had a chance to consider giving him the second chance that he wanted.  What a dick.

I’m glad that he did cancel though, because I *may* have been dumb enough to give him a second chance, and then I wouldn’t be hanging out with “the guy” right now!  And he’s way hotter and way sweeter.  And even if things don’t work out, I’m just happy for an opportunity to live out my “teenage dream”