So the guy I’ve been talking to took me to meet his parents today!  It was so unexpected…

I went to a NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK concert last night (just had to throw that out there, haha) and we had plans to hang out today.  He texted me this morning and asked if I wanted to go to his parent’s cottage.  I had NO IDEA that his parents would be there!  It’s been my experience (for the most part) that if a guy, especially a guy I’m newly seeing, wants to take me to their parents’ anything, his parents typically aren’t there.  I didn’t expect them to be there.  But they were.

And his parents were so nice!  Just nice friendly people and the way they went back and forth with eachother really reminded me of my own parents.  His dad had recently bought a new pontoon boat (my FAVORITE kind of boat!) and was all super proud and stuff, and that was nice to see.  It reminded me of my dad and his garden that he is so proud of.  Like, his parents just remind me a lot of my own, and even though I have my issues with my parents at times, it’s just so nice that they are so like my own.

Later, at his house, his sister was coming over.  I suggested that I would leave, and he told me I didn’t need to.  So like, he had been talking about me meeting his sister, but I think he like wanted me to meet her.   And she was super nice as well!  She used to work at the job where I currently work, so she and I have that in common. 

But like, he obviously wanted to introduce me to his family, which I think is super amazing.  At our age, people don’t typically introduce just anyone to their family; especially their parents.  So I think this means he genuinely likes me.  He clearly likes me enough to introduce me to his family, which makes me feel super happy.  To me, that’s kind of a big deal.  And I LOVE that he thinks highly enough of me to introduce me to his family.

He’s just so super sweet and pretty amazing.  And he has the cutest most amazing smile that just makes me melt!  And I have noticed that he has his kind of like, nerdy or dorky moments lol but I love it.  I don’t want a “super cool” guy who’s just perfect all the time… I want a guy who has his nerdy moments because I definitely have PLENTY of those myself!

We were texting the other day, and he randomly said something about “I hope you’re as sweet as I think you are” which I have no idea why he said that, but I replied with “I hope you’re as amazing as I think you are” and he informed me, “I would never hurt you” and I SO hope that’s true. 

Oh it makes me melt!  I’m the kind of girl who WANTS to fall in love… I want to fall in love and find my happily ever after.  I want to be the perfect wife to my perfect husband (by “my perfect husband” I mean a man with flaws but who is perfect for me).  I want to be loved as unconditionally as I’m capable of loving. 

But I’m also realistic in the fact that I know I’ve been hurt a lot in my past, by men who I thought and hoped were my “happily ever after” and so I don’t hold my breath on anything.  You can’t hold your breath when it comes to another person. 

But I can also say that nobody I’ve ever dated before has had so much in common with me.  We seem to have a LOT in common, and I do believe that is a good foundation for something real.  And I just want the real thing.  And currently, I’m truly hoping he is the real thing.   And if not, I will do my best to just smile because it happened, and not cry because it’s over.