This is my first blog.  I am thinking about getting a new dog, but my love for my cat is making it difficult.  Since I am a Christian (a Christian sinner who is on her 4th beer as we speak), it is important to know whether or not God approves of this decision (please don’t come at me with God’s decision about my drinking… we’re gonna work on that later… I already admitted to being a sinner and I’d rather all Christians admit their faults because God knows we all have them… I am not perfect and I won’t pretend to be).  I won’t adopt a dog unelss I know God wants me to have it.  God gave me my perfect cat, Tiana, and I love her more than anyone. Bill Gates could offer me his entire fortune in exchange for her and I would tell him to shove it up his ass.  I love my cat that much.

So to help me with my Christian decision (yes, the same Christian who told Bill Gates to shove it up his ass.  I’m not perfect.  God knows this, and He still loves me.) I have been looking up Bible verses in regards to pet adoption.  Unfortunately the only things I found brought me to sad memories of the cat I had before Tiana.

Her name was Mariah, and she was the most beautiful black and white long haired kitty.  She was perfect.  I still recall even looking at her little kitty butt and thinking what a perfect creation she was; what a perfect gift from God.  She was always a reminder of God’s existence.  I loved her.

She was 9 years old when she was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia; a disease she must have had since birth.  She was never outside or otherwise exposed to the disease in her life.  The only explanation is that it was passed from her mother to her at birth.  And God loved both of us enough to let her live 9 years of her life healthy.

After she was diagnosed, I not only spent a lot of money that I didn’t have to spend on her medication to try to save her life, but I spent a lot of time crying and praying.  I even did my best to baptize my cat with her drinking water.  I prayed that God would bless her water with an understanding of what I was trying to do so I could make sure when Mariah passed, she would go to Heaven.  I prayed to God several times asking to extend her life, but also asking that when her time was up, that He would take her.  I never wanted her to be with anyone but me for her whole life, but the only way that I could find peace in her passing was if her soul went up to God.

Eventually, a year and a half after her diagnosis, there was nothing more I could do for her.  I had to put an end to her suffering and it broke my heart into a million little pieces.  I never thought I would heal.  I had to take a week or two off work because I couldn’t live without her.  I just didn’t know how to function; my loss was that great.  She was my gift from God and suddenly my baby was gone.  It was like losing a child.  I didn’t know how to live without her.

I got Tiana 2 months after Mariah passed.  Tiana was the best thing of my life.  I didn’t think I would love another cat or another being for that matter as much as I loved Mariah.  But it turns out that 2 years later, I can’t live without Tiana.  Bill Gates could come and offer his entire fortune in exchange for Tiana and I would have to choose Tiana, no joke.  If my apartment were on fire, I would run into the burning building to rescue my cat.  Give my cat to a fire fighter to get her out of danger and let me fend for myself.  Either that, or let us both die together.  I am not living without my cat.  I mean, I realize in 18 years she will likely die of old age and that’s different.  But I refuse to let her go before her time, and if she has to, I’m going with her.

So it makes getting a dog so difficult because I’m so afraid of making my cat unhappy.  God is the only one I trust to make the decision for me, since my cat can’t tell me whether or not she’s interested in getting a dog.

I was looking up bible verses to guide me in my decision and I found verses not only saying that those of us who care for our “beasts” are “righteous”  but also verses indicating that pets do in fact go to Heaven when they die.

I loved Mariah, and I still think about her almost 2 years after her death.  It was an important thing for me to do what I could to help ensure she spent her eternity with the only other being that I would trust with her, but I feel extra comfort now knowing that it’s super likely that our pets do go to Heaven.

I can’t stand “false” Christians.  Christians who pretend to be perfect because we all know that none of us are; but Christians who think that animals have no soul.  Animals DO have a soul and I have seen that since I have been very little. A lot of people don’t see the personality in pets; but as someone who has lived with pets literally her whole life, I can say that they have just as much personality and soul as people.  And as a Christian I can say that if God doesn’t allow our pets into Heaven, that’s not a place I want to spend eternity.  Heaven wouldn’t be Heaven without my pets.